Adam Douglas BurbidgeADAM

Adam Douglas Burbidge is an artist living and working in London. He is about to complete an MFA Fine Art at UAL: Wimbledon College of Arts, during which he has refined his current practice which deals with meaning-making through printed text and figurative drawings. Adam has sold work in the UK, organised and taken part in exhibitions across London and undertaken commissions.

“CONFLUX came from an original idea that was much smaller. I simply wanted to be able to show work along with the other members of the MFA at UAL Wimbledon at no cost to the artist. The idea, along with the organisation team, grew and evolved into the current version of CONFLUX – an exhibition that is free to enter, showing the best fine artwork that the postgraduates at UAL have to offer, selected by a panel of successful industry professionals and curated by a small Goldsmiths MFA Curating team.

As a postgraduate venture, we were keen to involve other communities with whom we can forge links as we take our next artistic steps together following graduation and it has been fantastic working with the panel members and the Goldsmiths team so far. Both parties have been so professional and forthcoming and I’m really excited to see the final selection and how it is curated.

The postgraduate community at UAL is the largest postgraduate art and design community in Europe and to produce an annual exhibition of their most stimulating fine artwork is a hugely exciting endeavour and prospect for the future.”


Rosie Munro Kerr


Rosie Munro Kerr works with installed systems that capture and digitally replicate analogue experience. Her research investigates the metamorphosis of skill and the role of the Maker within an evolving biophysical condition where the made object appears as a synthetic and symbiotic process of maker, process and environment. Working with networks of independent systems, Rosie produces electronic interpretations of human sensory input that communicate information and impulses through the spacial and material installation of the work itself, manifest as a visual, digital output. Rosie is a recent graduate from Wimbledon College of Art MFA Fine Art.


 Sean Anthony Murphy


Sean Anthony Murphy is the magic behind the visual identity of CONFLUX Exhibition. Here are some of his thoughts on joining the team.

“I chose to work on the Conflux project as it is interesting to collaborate with people from different disciplines and branding an exhibition is something that I have not done before so it was a great opportunity.

The exhibition is an exciting opportunity for talented students from UAL to have their work critiqued by some big names and possibly exhibit their work in a professional gallery setting.

Being part of the project has given me an insight into Fine Art which I did not have before and it will be very interesting to see the work that is selected and how the exhibition turns out.”



Essi Eirene Mikkola


Essi Eirene Mikkola is a cultural coordinator from Helsinki, Finland. She recently finished her first year of MA Innovation Management at Central Saint Martins, London. She has worked in music, the arts and design. Essi is the responsible for marketing of the CONFLUX exhibition.

Essi is interested in new ways of doing, new technologies, breaking boundaries and creative collaboration. Her current project brings together two topics: innovative cultural institution programmes and experience design.

Her biggest passions are the arts and music – especially electronic, but also architecture and design. She is constantly looking for new sources of inspiration and new places to visit, and dreams of making her own multisensory installation one day.

“Being part of the CONFLUX team has been a rewarding experience. I really appreciate the opportunity to meet so many interesting and talented people and make my mark on my new hometown of London.”

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